Rethink Security

What would need to change for everyone in your community to feel safe? Are there actions you can take (or you are already taking) to make this happen?


I would like to see police officers re-trained. They need skills to diffuse anger. They need to reach out a helping hand instead of a weapon. They need to offer help and not punishment for making nor infractions! Give people a warning, then a fine, then maybe a larger fine. Arrests and jail should be a last resort! None of these solutions requires the most we of a weapon or any physical confrontation!




Esther G




It is necessary for the job descriptions and qualifications for policing to change. The whole concept needs to change. Instead of using the "military to policing" pipeline to perpetuate a law enforcement culture that is about use of force ... where those who know how to use a gun, get a "workshop" on racism once in a while, we need a huge shift. Instead, hire candidates who have a human resource background and make sure they can safely fire a gun , if and when it is warranted.




Jillian P 




It is very clear that the way in which policing is done in the US is in urgent need of fundamental reform. The required changes also must go beyond the reforms of the past, as the dysfunctions of policing in the US are very deeply rooted. Training and monitoring commissions have been proved to be inadequate. Problems to be addressed include the ways in which public safety functions are allocated among police and social service agencies but also the embedded culture of police departments, which are supported by legal protections against individual liability of police officers, trade unions captured by racist and corrupt officers, and contract provisions for weak arbitration of dismissals. The WRONG way to describe the need for these fundamental changes is "defund the police." If anything, police salaries probably need to be increased so those hired are better educated. The APPROPRIATE slogan instead should be "REFORM PUBLIC SAFETY."








David L








"I have been sending in messages to the DNC for several years that before I make a donation they have to redefine what security is to ""tangible security""--good shelter, access to health care, enough to eat, clean water and air, cheap or free education, etc, etc. It's great that you are thinking along the same line. I will paste in a letter I have been sending a number of organization I donate to. I'll follow up with an extra donation as described in the letter. To Progressive Organizations with whom this idea might resonate: Protest marches around the country in the last three weeks have been very impressive and are, I believe, affecting positive changes. Similarly, I believe that some pre-election protest marches, organized around the need for leadership changes in various levels of governments, would also draw large turnouts. Executive and conservative U.S. Senate leaders are the main concern. There are plenty of issues on which to protest, covering the focus of many organizations. I am sending this to a few of the organizations I support financially, and hope that there is inspiration within your organization to coordinate with others who can rally the voters into the streets in October. Public protests would support candidates for office needed to save our form of government, end corporate greed, and create tangible security for all, which includes saving the world from global warming and endless war. Disapproval of the direction the United States has gone since the last election needs to be publicly allowed and expressed. I hope a plan for demonstrations as we have seen during recent weeks can be organized. To that end, I will share this letter with various organizations below to which I make financial contributions. May it come together! Best regards, John Etter




John E








I would like to see two cultural norms/assumptions chance in the monds and actions of a critical mass of people worldwide: 1) Change the assumption that no one should get anything for nothing. Then, the official government could give financial aid to women who choose to keep their child/fetus and a critical mass of family and neighbors will give emotional help supporting that behavior. Second, that a critical mass of people would cease to believe that punishment and the threat of punishment are the best ways to prevent wrongdoing. Rather, a critical mass of people assume that the best way to encourage others to contribute positively to the common good and not consider wrongdoing is by positive reinforcement; that is, through incentives. Appeal to peoples' self interest by rewarding them for doing what is right.








Harry B








Do we really want more money spent on the military? Pres. Trump will be in Marinette WI today to take a look at the place where they will be constructing 10 ships capable of invading another country with nuclear missiles. Is this how we want to spend our money? Would it not be better to invest that money into cures for diseases and pandemics? Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "We have guided missiles made by misguided men." A long time military man named Gen. Omar Bradley said, "We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount. Our;s is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we do about peace---More about killing than we do about living."








Don T








Changing our society depends on non violent discussion and equality for all. Changes in laws and services that insure social and financial equality. Bernie Sanders outlined some of the ways we achieve this goal. We must change from a oligarchy to a socialist agenda.








Jean M








De-militarize the police AND de-nuclearize the military. In other words: Think globally (abolish nuclear weapons) and act locally (de-militarize police). The former then should extend to closing the nearly 800 U.S. military bases around the world. The latter should extend to increasing social services and reducing income inequality. Yes, I am working on those goals ... mainly by writing and Zooming with others.








David G








My idea addresses only a long-term solution. Money is a problem. We could organize our economic system along the lines of a resource-based economy where money is not used. In fact, some people believe that as long as we continue to use money, the major problems facing us will not be solved.








David K








White or light skinned people (like me and my ancestors) have hoarded for now thousands of years, at the expense of the now majority in poverty in our world, including many of us (myself too in 80's) poor whites, voluntary or not, who have been taken advantage by the economic, political, religious systems like for maybe preaching Golden Rule or treating each other equally fair but none of the above systems practicing it in terms of discrimination, racial, political or in economical inequality. Example by allowing economic systems to put 90% of our world's economy in the hands of a few males, less than 1%, while thousands of children world-wide are still being allowed to starve each day, and millions going to bed hungry each night, while only economic or social breadcrumbs are thrown at the poor. Another example of "Opportunity Hoarding" we need to understand the advantages whites have taken in colonization, lack of workers rights etc. where those of a different race, sex, (especially the female half of God's Image, according to original Priestly versions of Scriptures such as in Genesis 1:27; 5:1. Universal Golden Rule in all good hearts. The political, economic, religious mess by philosophy of 'might makes right' instead of treating others with a Godly Love and "Equality", the only actual Word I've heard from God many years ago to work towards Equal Rights and Equal Respect, Opportunity, the mess of following a god of inequality has gotten ourselves in and why there is evidence God is allowing this Biblical-like plague while so we could still a chance if enough will insist on a more just and equitable world.equality, Could prevent even a otherwise possible Nuclear war, that would send us back to the Stone Age, if enough of us keep insisting on better politics, insist on more Equal Justice, instead of business built as has been on more and more profits, hurting us all by 1% economic controllers giving their CEO's literally millions more a year in bonus's to squeeze ever more for not only more profits and more work workers by inflation and outlandish Usury, also against God's laws. Then maybe God would God have Mercy. Lord Have Mercy!








Betty D








Human and Civil rights education for all public functionaries. (ex. started implementation in Catalan Police training) Less violence , by activists, and by official security forces. (ex. monitoring by Defender a quien defiende- Spain) Education : inner balance and brotherhood taught from Kindergarten and UNESCO educational values throuout grades I-XII. (ex. Heartfulness school curricculum) Safe Space sessions to hear about others needs. (ex. Esser en Pau sessions- Catalonia) Workshops on common ground sharing and Nonviolent solution finding. (ex. NOVACT in Mediterranean Basin and by many civil societies organizations) Info on








Simonetta C








My community is overwhelming white and I know we have neighbors that want to keep it that way. I am a believer that we must make sure our neighborhoods are composed of all the different races and cultures; that's the world today. Until white folks begin opening their hearts and minds to others, stop practicing NIMBY, we will never know how safe we could be. In a world where there is high levels of poverty by BIPOC, white folks are not safe even in all white communities. Just like I tell my friends, until black lives matter then all lives don't matter, until all communities are safe, no communities are safe.








Carolyn K








open yourself to the possibility of peace and take on world hunger, shelter and mental health realizing we're all human and deserve goodness and peace








Amber P








We live in a small town outside Boston MA which is part of a program that brings us students grades K - 12 from the Boston school district. These are students whose parents registered them for the program, sometimes at birth! The program sends black and brown children (it is only for "minorities") to many communities in the Greater Boston area. It started in the late 1970's as a reaction to the "busing" away from neighborhood schools that went into effect in Boston at that time, to counter the effects of racial segregation in the city, and the inferior schools that had been struggling to educate the minority (primarily black) students living in those poorly funded school neighborhoods. Cohasset is almost entirely white, and there were a number of families in the town that wanted to welcome students and their families into our school district, which had room for more students, has an excellent academic reputation, and an almost completely white upper middle class student body. Here we are, about 50 years later, and the program is still running well, which is fine in Cohasset, but the grossly inadequate school system is still trying to educate their own students in Boston - the best schools there are the public exam schools, there are still not enough resources being applied to public education. This program (METCO) is still part of Cohasset, and may be one reason why we still have a Diversity Committee, and this committee works hard to be sure that we have academic and social opportunities to strengthen a welcoming attitude towards our black and brown students from Boston and the few that live in Cohasset. And the Police Department has been a part of that work. The Diversity Committee has several Police Department officers on its Board, and there is good synergy within the schools and throughout the town to support a commitment to real dialogue. The current Black Lives Matter movement was supported by a very large turnout of students and adults after the murder of George Floyd, at gatherings and lining well traveled streets, etc., over a period of weeks. The Police department was there, as part of the gathering, not to push people around and assert authority. This has been possible because, over time, enough people kept working on diversity and good interaction between law enforcement and school behavior, and community attitudes. The key is getting to know your local police department, keeping an eye on the elected authorities (or becoming one yourself), and getting committed volunteers to do the work of showing up, writing LTE, and running for office. The long timeline that many students encounter - both white residents and black and brown out-of-district students - to get to know each other is also a key feature. Persistence! Patience! The result is safety - in the classroom and in the community, because we know each other and/or we know someone who knows someone who knows someone. It is the unknown someone else that makes us afraid, or defensive, or aggressive.








Chartis T








It's my best understanding that --where at all possible-- we need to dramatically end our participation in the animal food-agriculture industry. The system of eating animals is contributing MORE to the climate catastrophy than all fuel emissions ! This is a measure that just about everybody can do, right now, excepting those who have specific medical needs. HAVING A HABITABLE PLANET at the end of our efforts must be a priority consideration !








Kevin C








First of all, as you know that Darfur region is gone through enormous conflicts which lasted for 15 years, and thousands of civilians have been killed, thousands of women have been sexually exploited, raped, and thousands of children Left without basic education. All these I mentioned above happened because last tyrannic and bloody regime had armed militias with sophisticated weapons to kill Unarmed innocent civilians. Therefore I think the only way for my community to feel safe and free of threats is to disarm those militias, and transfer all perpetrators to a fair courts, and who ever lost anything in that war to be compensated in a manner that make him forget to some extent what he have been through. At current time I am not began any of these steps, as this is a responsibility of current transition government firsty and international community secoundly, but what I did and still doing is trying to make my community aware of their rights and that they have to strive peacfully extract them without compromising.








Ayoub H








First, restrict or ban possession of firearms in public space if not completely. Second, disarm police on community /street patrolling. Third, train police to act as community guardians and caretakers with social skills including training in peaceful conflict resolution. Fourth, train police in rapid communication with head quarters or a local precinct for support in case of flare up of violence. Finally, the neighborhoods/ communities have to develop a welcoming rapport and a sense of gratitude for the police guardians. To achieve this level of respect and cooperation, it may be necessary for police to reside in the community they police; they also must learn to engage in community social work like checking on infirm or assist in hardship situations and join in community cleanup and celebrations as well. Community and police must become trusting friends. I hope!








Bharat P








I live in Worcester, MA, a city of about 200,000 with a relatively low crime rate. Approximately ten years ago, the city implemented a community policing model that included developing neighborhood crime watch groups. More recently, at least some police officers received training around mental health. I am not able to assess how well these programs have worked only to note that some effort was made to reform police practice. On the other hand, our local police department remains tight-fisted about disclosing its records of citizen complaints. I live at a Catholic Worker house, not far from downtown. When I think of what "threatens" our communities, the following come to mind: poverty - emotional, as well as material. Many lonely people. School system strained addiction/mental health issues environmental contamination fear due to immigration status. COVID racism - unconsciousness of the "other" ignorance about alternatives to a punitive security system None of these issues can be addressed through policing. What is required is a re-orientation of priorities. People, education, immigrations over quick profit, capitalism, and political aggrandizement. I am an advocate for de-funding the Pentagon and re-thinking how we define security. Education is crucial. A peace educator, I teach peer mediation to inner-city youth. I also do some reporting on issues as a freelance journalist. I am very grateful for the work and example of nonviolent peace force.








Claire S








Everybody calling for refunding but I've yet to see a concrete proposal to bring change around. If we actually intended to shrink armed officers attention must be paid to our current 911 system. This office has to become the lynchpin that acctivates a new system. Expanded training with emphasis on the operators ability to assess the problem and direct the caller to the agency that can best help them. So our new 911 system must be manned with trained social workers or no matter how much money you throw at the problem,it ain't gonna get fixed.








David M








Goeie compassie met verstand, dat is alle goeie psychologie, dat is het raadsel van het geloof waarbij echt alle groene bladeren voorop staan.








Peter B








Thank you for your efforts towards the integral human development of society. Personally a journalist by profession I have made some documentations of the communities of the poor and vulnerables in Uganda as managed by the missionaries of the poor. All videos and pictures show casing the voice of the voiceless living in kisenyi a Kampala subarb. Your partnership with us as wake bigger strides to carry on what is needed to get more information is very much welcome.
















Health care for all, Good schools and education for all (free) Decent and affordable housing for all Affordable food for all Liveable wages and/or guarenteed annual income if you cannot work or find work. Safe streets - good sense of community and unarmed patrols in neighborhood when necessary. If there are police, theyshould be of the same class and race as the majority in the community and live in the community Police should not have guns or be able to use anykind of violence. Police are responsible for their actions. This is a beginning
















We have been undergoing a great deal of police brutality on opponent ideology through political witch-hunting leading to forced disappearance. Need your assistance to open up an nvpf office at Dhaka








Sakhawat K








Pained by local and global issues, I have recently started a peace letter-writing project, A Letter For Peace. We are passionate about helping people develop a balanced understanding of its complexity, in order to reach towards peaceful solutions. Run by volunteers, we cover both sides of the picture in an easy-to-read letter format, yet helping people to understand the complexity of the issue. We want to tackle the 'confirmation bias' that people find themselves in, and restore the sense of connection for someone they had strongly disagreed with. ( and )








Terese T








The need today is to summon up our common humanity. We must overcome the processes of öthering"that marginalise and invisiblise vulnerable populations. We need to revive a notion of power as the moral force that "pulls up"people out of poverty and lives of indignity and not the brute power that pushes down. The inter-connectedness of life on our planet reminds us that no one is safe till everyone is safe. Weapons create fear and suspicion. The need of the hour is to is to restore the canvas of coexistence on the basis of trust, truth and non violence and genuine empathy.








Meenakshi G








Hello NP South Minneapolis is in crisis right now. In spite of tons of good intentions and willingness to help, the people living in the city are experiencing increases in violence The police system is not in a good position to help as that system has clearly been a huge part of creating and maintaining the problems that led to this crisis. NP has the experience and wisdom to help. We need people with practical experience in using nonviolent methods to deal with this type of crisis. Otherwise, I fear that the people who live here will resort to reinstalling the policing system that we have always known, and the opportunity to create something new will be lost. Thanks for this opportunity to share my thoughts








Anita D








As James Gilligan notes in "Preventing Violence", inequality is the fundamental cause of violence. The rich use the police and other violent means to keep their power. Going back to when the farmers spread into Europe and enslaved the hunter-gathers, according to a recent archaeological article. Climate change and nuclear war are what make me feel most unsafe. A world society in which everyone respects each other is what would make me feel safe.








Bruce H








I live in San Diego, CA. Right now our city police department, the county sheriff's department and other departments in surrounding towns have all renounced the use of the "choke hold" which I firmly support. But they are also thinking of ways to retrain police and to call for de-escalation of potentially violent situations, The techniques NP uses are ones that police departments everywhere can learn by getting to know the people in the communities they serve and building relationships. I can try to share NP's work with the San Diego PD.








Debby P








I am hoping that Biden will pick Val Demings as his choice for running mate and I will vote absentee before 3 November in my last U.S. voting jurisdiction for Biden and his running mate. 








Daniel F








Police should first engage people inconversation with respect before threatening them with lethal force.








Rose A








My cousin is a retired British police "bobby." He walked the streets of his village, chatting, mediating disputes, looking out for everyone. He carried no gun, had never even been trained to use a gun. He was challenged only once. Instantly every village man present rose to his defense, "This is our man. We know him. He has cared for us for 20 years. We will defend him!"








Lorin P








Police must not carry out stop and search on innocent people. Police must stop using the term 'looks suspicious', no one can look suspicious on appearance alone. If they are doing something unlawful, fine, but just walking down the street minding your own business is not suspicious behaviour.








sabrina k








Re-allocate funds for the police and demilitarize them. Put more money into social programs which address the complex problems (i.e. systemic racism, poverty, health, education, mental health and housing) rather than "law and order" armed, militarized police. More unarmed, trained teams to respond to issues, such as domestic violence and mental health crises. Important NOT to use the term "defund the police" which creates a negative response. Re-frame it. The Nordic police and prison system stresses social programs and has a limited number of armed police. Their crime rate has decreased significantly. The American system has not been working as evidenced in the recent BLM protests. I have been corresponding with my local Board of Education to discuss eliminating armed School Resource police officers. Advocating for more counselors for student support. Having armed police in the halls of the school is very disturbing and does not make them safer.








Karen S












I am speaking about the US context, however the situation is similar in many countries. White people in the US are the "standard", and everyone else is viewed as "less than". People of color feel and experience this in all institutions, health care, education, and of course, law enforcement. Here in US, this is a white problem, not a POC problem. When white people wake up and become more aware of institutional and structural racism, then all people will begin to feel safer.




Julie W




Our community of Richmond, California is 40% Hispanic, 27% Black, 13% Asian, and the rest mixed or non-hispanic white. The main threats to our community are income insecurity, health insecurity, crime, police brutality and over-incarceration, housing insecurity & homelessness, toxic environment, poor schools, corruption & poor representation in government, exploitation and gentrification by developers, poverty and low wages, immigration status, and insufficient public funding. We have several local organizations for change, which have been able to occasionally make a difference, but the real difference that we need is to transfer power from wealthy elite to the poor, disenfranchised and weak. Possible solutions are Social Security for all, Medicare for all, community executive control of policing, a tax on vacant housing, a community land trust with contributions from developers, cleanup of toxic land, elimination of charter schools, public election financing, stronger controls on corporations, banking and finance, stronger support to labor unions, non-exploitative immigration policy, an end to corporate media domination, a transfer for public monies from military to public welfare, and a graduated and effective income tax with brackets to 90%. I'm in the process of publishing a series of articles at




Paul L




1.0 Introduction of Social, Emotional and Reorientation Courses to Armed Securities. 2.0 Empathy and Respect should be key sought out skills for Armed Securities. 3.0 Penalties should clearly be spelt for defaulters. Actions to be taken 1.0 Design policies that protects all citizens from all races,tribes and religion. 2.0 Lobby National and Subnational Policy Makers to adopt these policies which would clearly spell severe consequences for defaulters. 3.0 Include empathy, cultural agility, emotional and social intelligence in the early development of Children. Moreso, same should be introduced as compulsory courses in High schools and Universities.




James A




It's important to ent note, that Police are of very limited use in preventing crime, or "providing for public safety". Police spend most of their time after a crime or incident (car accident, break in etc) has taken place. Also, I believe, and many criminologists agree that fear of punishment is only a minor deterrent to crime. What does keep communities safe? The research I believe is that communities with low wealth disparities, where basic needs, food housing, health care etc. are available have less propert, and surprisingly, personal crime. Imagine that.




David T




What if billions of people signed - this would add strength to those who are peacefully protesting all that is unacceptable today, including how we address the environment and our shared planet Earth. Maybe then those who govern and administer would listen. It would also provide a way in which many more people could have a say for everything that is good and right for all life.




Bonnie P




What would need to change for everyone to feel safe is to cease to assume that punishment is the best way to prevent wrongdoing. We need to use incentives to influence the motivation of people to do good and avoid doing evil.




Harry B




In my own community, the rate of revenge killing is high and this can be abolish through peaceful mean,by giving them awarenesses on how harmful is revenge killing for the next generations and it can also be achieve through educating all the children for them to forget the past




Tebuom Machot D




Canadian mental institutions were closed 40+ years ago, a ridiculous and tragic political decision based on the ideology that there is only the 1%, and the rest-of-us who should be cut loose to find help independently. After all, they said, if they can be millionaires so can anyone else, and apparently, millionaires aren't mentally ill or addicted to any substance. Then about 1993 Chretien/Wilson, then Harper massively defunded all social services: health, education, housing, the infrastructure, and climate change didn't even get a mention. Without any plan for where the mentally ill, the addicted and the homeless--now a shameful 250,000 across the country--would get help, the police, of course, still untrained or resourced for the job, are left to handle a major societal problem that has grown exponentially all these years. To this day politicians have failed their mandate to "serve the needs of their constituents" and refuse to deal with any of this properly...and that's a crime! The constabulary needs to be officially relieved of all that, as well, its hierarchy needs to be much more responsible when they screen a recruit as the seed of bigotry will be in his history, 'his' because the vast majority of all bigots are male, and it's largely intergenerational, taught at the kitchen table. But, that's another subject.




Janet H




My community ( in Pakistan & Australia) needs to accept and respect multicultural identities (religious, sectarian, racial and ethnic) as a process of building nonviolent, peaceful and safer community. To make this possible the government(s) should devise inclusive policies (educational, health and criminal justice) and must discourage identity politics. I have been doing research and communicating policy suggestions as a researcher in peacebuilding to address the above identity issues in diverse young people. Qamar Jafri, Doctoral researcher in peacebuilding at RMIT University Australia.




Qamar J




Leadership, based on understanding of complexity and process. Discussion of chains of causation, and the involvement of folks in the community are essential. Further, any community needs to experiment, trying first one solution based on indirect causes, assessing results, and then trying another (perhaps even more radical). Any such changes will probably replace some actors with different others, so the "bumped" must be helped to other, fairly-remunerative roles. And they must be entitled to community support like anyone else. Their resentment can be avoided by including them in developing alternative employment.




Dave L




This idea is for the long term. Jordan Peterson says inequality of income is a driver of crime. Money is the measure of inequality. There are those who believe that, as long as we use money, the challenges that face us will never be resolved. It is possible to create a sustainable, just society without money. In fact, if we do not create a world without money, we will not survive.




David K




I think a few months Ago I wrote my thoughts about same thing, more precisely about the same idea, therefore for my community to feel safe, the roots of conflict which led to tremendous looses must be fully addressed, because the war of Darfur used to be multidirectional conflict over national resources, political power as well as other ethnic reasons, this is why it considered to be very complicated comflict. So transitional government need to create platform to address all these mentioned before in a manner that guarantees sustainable peacemaking in the way to sustainable peacebuilding, and I have no doubt that this is entire responsibility of government, otherwise no safety, no security will be achieved in Darfur. For me I began long time ago to develop capacities of my community as apart of my daily work in IDP camps, returnees by conducting awareness sessions about peaceful coexistence and avoiding revenge, as that's lead to more violence and they are the only victims because the conflicts between my community and militias used to be unequivalent as my community is Unarmed. So through this I was able to mitigate to some extent physical and sexual attacks against my community members.




Ayoub H




I am so happy you and others are now focussing what tangible security is. It includes medical care, good housing, family wage jobs, access to good education, good transportation systems, stable infrastructure, a non-toxic environment,




John E




We working with humanitarian agency providing health services to community under threat and faced several Voilance especially women and children based violance, during our availability with them we providing unarmed protection to them as physical presence as proactive engagement and monitoring the situation closely with local community infrastructure. as UCP trainee I compare what we learned and what we doing among our availability with vulnerable people this approach is very easy to build the relationship with confilect parties and civilian. Really I liked this idea of unarmed civilian protection when I followed the interviews with UCP personnel in South Sudan, and I seeking to get opportunities and new skill to help my community. We need to enhance and support civilian and community by capacity development and train them to think how to protect them self with out using army force.




Ismail D




I am very nterested in this course of UPC because it is this first cours offred to us and it is support the people whom in need to protection in addition to that I providing humanitarian services to community affected by the war hapend in Darfur and their main need is protection from violence against women , children .




Mohamed A




We need to call or more investment in communities of color--to our national, state and local legislators. I hope to keep in touch more than I already do with such elected officials as bills and initiatives come up.




Ron Z




1-Law enforcement for all 2-have the all people respect the humanity and don't treat the others depending on the color,religion,sex ,,,etc 3-Changing the wrong concepts and the thoughts for some people by treat them and treat the others in good way. I always speak and treat the people kindly and help them when they need , talk with them about humanity stories and that lead to the peaceful coexistence.




Maryam A




We working with humanitarian agency providing health services to community under threat and faced several Voilance especially women and children based violance, during our availability with them we providing unarmed protection to them as physical presence as proactive engagement and monitoring the situation closely with local community infrastructure. as UCP trainee I compare what we learned and what we doing among our availability with vulnerable people this approach is very easy to build the relationship with confilect parties and civilian. Really I liked this idea of unarmed civilian protection when I followed the interviews with UCP personnel in South Sudan, and I seeking to get opportunities and new skill to help my community. We need to enhance and support civilian and community by capacity development and train them to think how to protect them self with out using army force.




Ismail D




I have lived in four countries. The police were unarmed in the other three. For 22 years, my cousin was an unarmed bobby in the UK. The only time he was threatened, by a crowd of drunken rioters, the men in his village stepped up, saying "This is our man. He cares for us. We will defend him." The riot stopped.




Lorin P




I believe we need to move to the Scandinavian model for government and society in order for all to feel safe.




Kathleen H




I would like some trained mediation teams to help us call someone when we have a disagreement. I myself am willing to be trained in mediation, so please call if you need volunteers. I have concerns over drug usage ( even marijuana can be annoying) when I'm out and about with my kids using parks and sidewalks. Whom do we call for that kind of intervention when it's not safe to call the police? I have the same concerns for litter bugs and traffic concerns and all those tiny violations that keep our community nice but aren't worth killing over.




Christine H




What needs to happen is a massive reduction in guns in this country. There is a direct relationship between ownership of so many guns and killings, Let's get rid of assault rifles and other lethal military weapons and I will feel a lot safer and so will everyone else. The other thing we need is a change from the individual materialistic "capitalist" mentality to a more communal culture where we look for the common good.




John V




Dismantle racist capitalism.




Derek S




Youth unemployment, is the main issue for Somali youth and this caused vulnerable to be gungs and killed one another in some areas. However, this can be caused conflict that hasten the development of the country and also future of their live.




Abdifatah H




I view my community's safety needs with 86 year old lenses,. Living in Minneapolis, MN the where the revolution began with George Floyd,'s murder , our unmet safety needs are exposed and a piece of my sadness is I am not able to physically help with the changes our community needs. Being quarantined I am able to focus on my immediate family of children, and grandchildren and their needs for safety. And they vary from shelter to on going talks. I want them to know their safety stems from within their very selves and and my piece is to remind them of their strengths, call out their courage, help them to see the need for vulnerability , integrity generosity and above all love as tools for their living in this new world. As for myself, my needs are small, and I feel very safe . My hope is that every person, especially women and children could have their safety needs met as I do which is why I devote so much of my energy to the encouragement and education of my grandchildren, they are the hope.




Mary Lou












My community is a safe community. There are steps being taken to address racism within the schools and the community in response to the recent Black Lives Matter rallies.




Judy T




We all need to slow down and be willing to sit down and listen to a wide variety of our fellow citizens and residents.




Jim H




Housing, work (income), transportation, medical security. Funds that currently go to the military, redirected to meet human needs. We could start with the Green New Deal! Community access to policing by men (and women) with guns. A ban on most types of guns for everyone, including the police. Decisions on security made by the people at the most local level.








Safety is a personal responsibility ,then a collective responsibilities. Security education is the key to solving the problems of insecurity in the community. The Anti-Conflict Organisation create awareness programmes in the area of peace and security as a way to educates the public about measures to be taken to prevent conflicts opportunity and become conscious of their environment, to report suspicious moves to the state security forces ,etc. Security is para mount in everything we do. It's our believe that everyone must understand the subject of security and make it a priority. Thanks S








The decision for a country to go to war must be made by a parliamentary Committee or similar - not just the decision of one person . I am an active member of Health Professionals for Peace!. !








I would want everyone to have basic resources to keep themselves, and their was a community ethos of sharing and community building. At the international level, I would want a strong government strategy to ensuring constructive relationships with all related countries. Such a strategy would engage the community in their international exchanges to provide a coordinated approach.








To make everyone safe in the community. I am already started advocating for demilitarising of any civilian zone to remain weapon-free, this will enable my community to have a peaceful mind and live happily ever, however, as an agent of change, I will be advocating for establishing/strengthening effective policy and none discrimination rules in order to enforce nonviolence approaches for everyone to be safe in the community. Personally, I will keep encouraging my community to promote love, respect human rights, and meaningful relationship-building among themselves as well as their neighbours, consider/treat every human species equally worldwide. I will try to influence the key leaders to create an effective governance structure, extend more trainings on human rights and other laws that safeguard all human rights.




Lony Koang




I don't feel safe when I find myself in a neighborhood where the streets, crbs, and sidewalks haven't been maintained. These are generally poorer neighborhoods that get bypassed while parts of the city that bring in higher property taxes get regular maintenance. Cities must do the right thing by prioritizing repairs and restorations in the less wealthy sections.








Coordination between law enforcement and others in the neighborhood who are concerned about security. I would think that our Neighborhood Emergency Response Team, which are a group of civilians that work together in our neighborhood to prepare for earthquakes and other disasters, could be helpful. We need a better structure that could help with homelessness, mental health, substance abuse, and neighbor disputes. San Francisco has just decided that they will not use their police force for these matters, but those problems will not just disappear because the police are not helping with them. It is likely that they could become worse if no one intervenes or assists.




Gilda B




Japan and Australia solution for gun murder.




John M




There are three key objectives I am planning for my community to feel safe namely: i) Peace building through Community Dialogue and mediation Teams and Peace Committees ii) Security through Community Based Policing in partnership with government agencies iii) Primary Health Care through community sensitization the best health practices. What I need for this community is capacity building and empowerment. I am already doing this through T'Home Peace Initiative (Transformational Homes Peace Initiative whose vision is an Empowered Healthy and Peaceful community of opportunities.








For more than 50 years I have supported -- and taught and organized at the grassroots to support -- PROFOUND NONVIOLENCE. I have supported Nonviolent Peaceforce ever since you were starting to get organized because the whole world needs YOUR KIND OF PRACTICAL NONVIOLENCE. Now our nation needs to PRACTICE PROFOUND NONVIOLENCE so we can heal our nation's cruelty and divisiveness (including racism and violent policing and Trump's efforts to impose fascism upon us). I have been conducting a 6-session series of workshops titled "Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing" because people need to know how to organize from the grassroots for movements to achieve our various kinds of goals. Contact me at (360) 491-9093 or visit my blog,, for more information. 




Glen A




Provided food items and Awareness programs for grassroots communities. 




Srinivasan Y




Taking guns and arms out of communities can ensure safety and stability for all. It will also lesson the burden on police to use their guns there by keeping the most vulnerable communities safer. I am advocating and voicing for change with our council leaders. 




Deepa S




Replace police with a variety of professionals trained to the particular situation they are responding to. Strict gun control including prohibition of handguns so that safety personnel would not need to be armed. Train safety personnel in defusing situations and create in them (and everyone else) a culture of respect for other persons. Legalize drugs and treat their use as a public health problem. Give tribes legal jurisdiction over all crimes on their territory. Institute reparations in the form of funding institutions controlled by the people they serve. 




Bruce H




I am not afraid of the Police because they are taught not to kill and to use their weapons only  in the last resort when they are in danger( of course there are some bad elements who shall be filed in case they kill deliberatly). I am more afraid of soldiers because they are tought to kill first in front of an ennemy and to use their weapons in order to prevent any danger. I will feel safe when  all armies in the world will be abolished and replaced by a world police under the control of local citizens for any  local emergencies. Otherwise we will undergo a world war and the threat of being annihilated by a nuclear explosion. I myself refused to go to the army and  to pay taxes to the military.

Michel M




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