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Peace Watch | August 2017

More Good News! UCP Recognized by Norwegian Government

NP's work at the UN is making hopeful progress and we continue to see examples of member states recognizing the effectiveness of unarmed civilian protection to deter violence and protect civilians living in violent conflict. We are thrilled to share with you the following text from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs: (The Synthesis Report: Reviewing UN Peace Operations, the Peacebuilding Architecture and the Implementation of UN's Security Council Resolution 1325: 

"The privileging of the military response to violent conflict is counterproductive. All three reports offer a critique of the current privileging of huge, military-heavy peace operations. The current financing system favours this response to crisis and conflict, and this is exaggerated by the imperative to be seen to act quickly and decisively. All three reports see the UN's preoccupation with militarised solutions as an obstacle to lasting peace and something that needs to change. The Global Study is very explicit with regard to the fact that militarised solutions, and the resulting militarisation of society, are detrimental to women's security. The is is a claim that is based on a solid body of research."

The adoption of UCP and unarmed approaches to protecting civilians is taking hold and we thank you for supporting our field work where we can show the impact of  our protection officers and our advocacy work at the United Nations. To read more examples of UCP being included and recognized, Click here » 
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A Champion for Peace
We extend our congratulations to Ann Frisch who has been nominated for the 2017 Rotary People of Action: Champions of Peace Award! Ann worked as an early Unarmed Civilian Protector in Guatemala, returning to the United States to work as a Senior Adviser to Nonviolent Peaceforce and doing peace education around the world. She has presented at four Rotary International Conventions about the efficacy of UCP and the value of working with locals to build nonviolent solutions to conflict. Ann has also spoken at Rotary Clubs on five continents about the success of UCP and ways to reach out to communities in armed conflict, as well as presented at the World Ranger Congress and the World Conservation Congress about the intersection of violence and the environment.  She co-authored the first manual on UCP and helped develop a training used by the UN, and she has proposed and initiated a number of grants to train Rotarians to be peacebuilders and peacekeepers. Congratulations, Ann! 

*Dr. Ann Frisch in Guatemala during NP's first project. 

Myanmar Trip Photo
Journey for Peace: Spaces Left! 
Witness the impact your support is having in one of the most interesting and beautiful countries in the world: Myanmar. In addition to learning more about the culture and the conflict, you'll have the opportunity to interact with locals who are working to create lasting peace in their communities and country. You don't want to miss out on this truly one-of-a-kind experience! The trip is scheduled for October 22 to 29. Learn more and reserve your spot on our website! Hurry, registration closes soon! Read more »

Turning Points Anthology
Turning Points: An Anthology 
Turning Points is a collection of stories about those transformative moments that bring clarity of vision and purpose, that redefine us and change the course of our lives. A number of Nonviolent Peaceforce supporters were authors of the this book. The anthology was created to share their experiences during the second half of the 20th century with others who are currently experiencing turbulent times. Read more »

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